This Morning


This morning the rain dances on the edge of the roof,

This morning, I’m thinking of you, hoping you’re thinking of me,

This morning, my feet are ashy, because I couldn’t be bothered to cream them well enough, because I’ve decided I’m working from home today, because of the pouring rain, and no one can judge me inside my own house,

This morning my fears are not so loud, and I can hear my thoughts, and the hum of the extractor in the bathroom,

This morning, I prayed, and my God listened to me,

This morning, I write like a flush. Detox, reset, clear mind,

This morning, I’m hungry for love and justice,

This morning, I remember I’m part of the problem.

This morning, I think of my sister and how hilarious she is,

This morning is so precious. I am alive, skin and bones and breath, and dreams, and disappointments and jasmine tea.

Leeza Awojobi