The Human Locomotive



There’s something insatiable about the human locomotive,

Pulling on strings,

Plucking and picking,

And bursting forth with springs of muddied or pure water,


You might choose to be a martyr and die for the cause,


But history sets itself rigid,

And throws down one lesson for us to catch,

Not to learn from the past so we can make a better future,

But to teach us that we are one and all the same…


Creatures with an agitated spirit,

Trying to inject our short lives with meaning,

Trying to justify ourselves before a universe that laughs at us,


It’s our loves which enslave us,

So we cut corners,

Or compromise,

Or turn a blind eye,

Or accept a bribe,


Artists and politicians,

And philosophers,

And musicians,

And scientists,

And professors,

And actors,

And philanthropists,

And rabbis,

And dreamers,

And revolutionaries,


They all tried to change the system.


Most succeeded in part,

But only a few reached to the depths of human heart.


Leeza AwojobiComment