Loving Superheroes


They used to be gymnasts,

Doing shop runs in smooth strokes,

Iceland, petrol station, bank, clothes shop,

All in a few hours,


Now they can only manage an errand or two.


I sat in the back seat aged three,

Staring at the steering wheel,

Wondering how my dad made that big fat box move with just his hands and feet,


Now I hold a license and it means nothing to me.


More lines creep around their mouths and eyes,

A little rounder, a little slower,

Is it true that ‘age ain’t nothing but a number’?

They lay their capes down to take up a crown of grey hair,

And their weakness is laid bare as I become an adult,

What to do with the time I have left,

But to love and forgive,

And live with an awareness of my own frailty.

Leeza AwojobiComment