Four Feet Tread

photo by Caleb George on Unsplash

photo by Caleb George on Unsplash

Four feet tread in Eastville Park,

Trying to find a rhythm, a synergy,

Something’s just happened,

Life has done what it does every so often,


It’s hacked at the knees,

And silence is uncomfortable, but required…


Words from a wise friend sooth like shea butter or Aloe Vera,

Starting the healing process,


But it takes care and attention,

Like a mother in tune with her infant child,

It takes a heart alert with restraint,

And eyes that glance at fidgety fingers,

And a sixth sense that says ‘wait’


But the fool (and we’ve all been the fool),

Already knows the answer,

“everything happens for a reason”


And an already cast down friend is cast a little lower,


And in the heat of desperation, we all need a reason,

We’re all looking for one.

Leeza AwojobiComment