Leeza Awojobi

I’m discovering that…

Most of us struggle to find the right words to make sense of our experiences. Eyes and Oath uses poetry and storytelling to raise questions about human nature so we can be understood.

Hi and welcome! I’m Leeza Awojobi and I grew up in the bustling neighbourhoods of Camden and Kentish Town.

From a young age I was intrigued by the quirkiness of people and around the age of 8 I started writing songs and raps to document my experiences. In secondary school this writing developed into poetry and it became the way I processed my thoughts and internal world.

“I’ve found freedom in realising I’m only human. On the one hand, I am deeply flawed and in desperate need of rescuing. On the other hand, I rest so that the most important things to me such as my relationships and identity are taken care of by my God.”